“U.S. public school students rank 21st in the world in science literacy, just under those of Iceland and just above those of the Slovak Republic. In first place were students in Finland, followed by those in Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. The same report cited data showing that U.S. public school students rank 25th in understanding of mathematics…”- September 28, 2010, as posted in the Chicago Tribune, Research Study: United States Center for Education Statistics, 2010

Mathematics is often called the handmaiden of science; science is not possible without mathematics. This report is out of 33 OECD nations, a club of affluent free market democracies – placing the United States nearly at the bottom of the ladder.

Children Need Additional Math & Science Education
There is no question that parents today want their children to have the best future ahead of them.  We live in a fast-paced world that is almost entirely run on technology. And if you want to succeed today, you have to have a solid foundation in math and science. The 2010 United States Center for Education Report clearly demonstrates the growing innovation gap in America. We need to maximize the innovative capacity of the American economy – and the best place to start is our children. A critical change in tide can happen simply by stressing math and science education importance among K-12 students.

Specialized Tutoring from a Nuclear Physicist
I offer complete tutoring services in math, science, and advanced physics. My approach is “inquiry-based learning” – tapping into a student’s natural creativity and curiosity allowing them to explore and problem solve while building knowledge and understanding of science concepts. My goal is to assist in some small way in helping to produce the next elite cadre of brilliant scientists, as well as develop a whole new generation of Americans with knowledge and skills in math and science … a large pool from which great scientists and breakthrough ideas will emerge.

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I would love to be your guide on your journey towards math and science success!

~Dr Vernon Cupps, Ph.D

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