Career Highlights -

  • Built a world-class isotope analysis facility from a small garage based operation. When I took over the operation it was producing approx 100 analytical reports/yr. In 2008, over 1800 analytical reports and 8000 gross alpha-beta analysis reports were issued.
  • Administered and directed Fermilab’s response to the 1990 DOE Waste Moratorium. Through careful scientific argumentation and attention to valid environmental consensus – Fermilab was the only major DOE facility to have its Moratorium lifted in 1993.
  • Developed Fermilab’s Air Emissions Monitoring program from an ad-hoc series of measurements on stack emissions in the mid-1980s. I developed and refined a method for quantifying the 4 primary radioactive gases emitted from Fermilab stacks, i.e. 11C, 13N, 15O, and 41Ar. I also developed and refined a method for quantifying the release of 3H from Fermilab stacks.
  • Recieved an Fermilab Employee Performance Recognition Award for sustained excellence in radio-chemistry analysis.
  • Recognized, and honored for excellence in radioisotope analysis from Fermilab Director
  • Conducted tensile strength tests, fatigue analysis, and viscosity tests on components of naval weapons systems in order to improve functionality and survivability.
  • Applied the theories and principles of Physics to material investigations designed to improve the performance of Naval Weapons Systems.

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